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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dancing for Sea Glass

It was a great time at Hermosa Beach looking for Sea Glass! The waves were coming in sets of 4, 8-10″ high at low tide. A bit of a challenge when you’re looking for sea glass.

It required nimble feet, one eye to the ground and one eye to the waves crashing in. As the waves pulled out, I’d run out to patches of uncovered stones looking for sea glass, then as the waves rolled in, I’d run like crazy up the sand embankment. It was a bit of a waltz with the sea, the rise and fall, the back and forth.

As I looked down the way a bit, there was another soul performing the same sort of dance. Looking for his own treasures, I had to inquire of his finds. As we started talking he recognized me from the fair as the mermaid, sea glass lady.

He reminded me we had talked about drill bits for sea glass. Great talking to you Steve, happy hunting and don’t forget to go hunting during the Blue Moon.

Came across some tourist who were inquisitive. Told them the difference between sea glass and beach glass, then help them find their own treasures.

The big score for the day was all the Moon Stone laying at my feet. Milky, crater like pieces of beach stone which is really beach agate. Great day, beach, waves, people and finds…I give it an A+.
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  1. Hi and thanks for your lovely comments on my blog :) We obviously share a passion for Sea Glass and all things beachy, you're blog is fabulous. Anne :)