Welcome to Mermaid's Purse Blog. This is for all Mermaids on land or sea who Love, Love, Sea Glass. These translucent baubles are yesterdays items transformed to true treasures of the sea. The allure of Sea Glass is in the history, science and appearance. Check back often to learn as I learn about Sea Glass. We'll journey together over shores and time, tides and currents, searching for the perfect pieces. Fair Winds and Calm Seas. Deborah Leon.....artist/collector

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Did you know that there really is such a thing as a Mermaid’s Purse. In various oceans particular bottom dwelling sharks lay encasements attached to seaweed with an embryo inside. Some encasements are spiral shaped and others in the shape of a purse thus the name Mermaid’s Purse. Off the coast of San Pedro the Swell Shark attaches such an encasement.

On your next walk along the shore take a little time to pull apart the seaweed washed ashore. You might find another treasure of the sea.

For Mermaid's Purse hunting sea glass and making sea glass jewelry is part of a bigger experience. It's about everything ocean, history, science, beauty, the allure and stories of coastal living.

In my stories with Ula (the benevolent mermaid) the Mermaid’s Purse has power for healing. Ula will be blogging her stories and adventures. Be checking back to find out when.

Fair Winds and Calm Seas,

Deborah Leon artist/collector

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