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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Seaglass..A TREASURE amongst treasures


Meet Roberta Hickey

Sea Glass Enthusiast Extraordinaire

Authoress of

American Mom Blog

I’ve mentioned before one of my favorite things about looking for Sea Glass are the people I meet along the way. If you plug in Google Search Words like Sea Glass and all the variations thereof you will get daily emails of what is out there and thus begins the dive into cyber space of meeting others who are into sea glass. THIS is how I met Roberta Hickey.

Leaving comments on blogs is a common practice and getting a response back is like getting a letter in the mail…a treat.

Roberta is very knowledgeable about Sea Glass and shares freely what she discovers and knows. She is also very fortunate in that her local beaches provide incredible finds, the mermaids are working overtime tossing their tears at her feet.

Roberta is also providing her insights and experiences of a journey interwoven with her Sea Glass escapades. In our communications back and forth we discovered we also have something else in common “Pancreatic Cancer”. This nearly took my breath away.

My Mom was taken home 3 years ago after living 7 months longer than the Doctors gave her after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

This is where Roberta is at ….living in that area that is a gift of time beyond reason.

In reading her blog American Mom, I’m taken in by how interesting she is, well spoken and her ability to convey all arrays of emotion, be vulnerable yet steady as a rock and find myself wishing I lived next door to her.

Roberta is a treasure amongst treasures….I thought for a while I’d keep her to myself but then after the greed fell to the ground I knew that she must be shared as all treasure should be.

I find comfort in talking about the illness and walking with her. We are connected for a reason and I’ll just leave that to the Lord as to how that plays out. I’m encouraged by her rallies from treatments to continue to live life as she loves it with such an amazing spirit. She is generous to a fault with her time, posessions and heart.

Meet and visit my friend Roberta, find for yourself the treasure she is….You’ll be better for it.

When you visit tell her I said Hi and give her xoxoxo’s for me.

Mermaid’s Tears are often the telescope through which men see into heaven.


Fair Winds and Calm Seas,

Deborah Leon artist/collector



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