Welcome to Mermaid's Purse Blog. This is for all Mermaids on land or sea who Love, Love, Sea Glass. These translucent baubles are yesterdays items transformed to true treasures of the sea. The allure of Sea Glass is in the history, science and appearance. Check back often to learn as I learn about Sea Glass. We'll journey together over shores and time, tides and currents, searching for the perfect pieces. Fair Winds and Calm Seas. Deborah Leon.....artist/collector

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sea Glass Jewelry - Pink Champagne

Pink Champagne Sea Glass

This Beauty was found on the coast of central California by a friend

New owner and home is in Rhode Island.

Such a Rare Sea Glass color!

Pink Champagen Sea Glass

Champagne in a Glass

Champagne Pink Sea Glass Pendant

Custom Orders are Welcome

I have other great colors of Sea Glass just waiting

Deborah Leon artist/collector




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