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Monday, January 18, 2010

Sea Glass Prayers for Haiti

January 16th, 2010

I wake everyday since the quake struck Haiti praying for more survivors to be found, that aid would get to these desperate people quicker, and that chaos will be over shadowed by self control and helping one another. I have friends there, I have friends who have adopted children stuck in the system and still in Haiti. I imagine being there, seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, what it must be like…unimaginable!

After you’ve donated and checked on everyone, what can you do. Pray! Pray til the fathers heart is so moved, that He will clear roads where there are none for food and water to get distributed across the island. Pray that supernaturally these already destitute, hungry, injured and dieing islanders can hang on just a little longer. Pray that disease will be kept to a minimum.

The nations are pulling together to get personnel, medical, water, food and money to be put to its best use.

I see all those people in dirty, blood stained, torn, soiled clothes, with nothing else to change in to.

I will be gathering clothing items for babies, children, women and men.

Every thing from undies to outer wear and foot wear. If you would like to clean your closet and find the items that still have tags, have not been worn, or buy something from the 99 cent store, you are welcome to bring them here. PLEASE – NEW OR VERY GENTLY WORN.

1819 260TH STREET, LOMITA, CA 90717

If I’m not home, leave the items on the front bench.

I would like to encourage all my sea glass friends to think about taking small actions that can turn into another quake of outpourings of helping hands and giving hearts.

Above all…PRAY!!!

Fair Winds and Calm Seas

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