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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sea Glass Shard Identification-Part of the Job

Sooo…after quadruple back to back El Nino Storms, I FINALLY got to the beach for some Sea Glass Hunting.

My favorite spot was closed off due to coastal flooding… and possible landslide, I know…I checked everyday!

Needing to get my Sea Glass Hunting FIX, I went to another one of my favorite beaches ( I guess they’re all my favorite). ” Lord Have Mercy” What happened to it? So much erosion, it looked like the jaws of death carved away my beautiful beach. My stony and glass patches had been sucked away.

Seriously my stomach went ill and my heart sunk. That was all last week.:(

This week is proving to be a Mermaid’s reward.;) Monday and Tuesday I brought home 2 quart sized baggies full of Sea Glass..3 choruses of Hallelujah, thank you very much.

My 1st favorite beach had been completely reconfigured! As I approached the entrance I said a quick prayer and wished upon a sea star that the goods were HERE.

In short order I was finding what had been unearthed under years of stone by the powerful waves. Alone in my delight, I had to calm myself down so as to not rush over a great find. Round, square, triangle, curved, melted, frosted, pitted, glistening, smooth….the whole beach was a treasure trove.

My very last find is an Aqua Blue Sea Glass Shard. I never find sea glass on this part of the beach. Far above the high tide debris line, buried in the sand was just a tip of something poking through. Bending over to brush away the sand my heart started dancing. Such a large shard and in great condition. As I looked at the well concealed spot I realized this very spot has been covered over with stones for decades. This piece has been buried in the sand under tons of rock and stone. It doesn’t have quite the same hydration and rounding on the edges from not being free to tumble in the Pacific.

The pattern on the glass is not familiar and the wavy feel of the sea glass shard lends me to believe it was in a campfire.

This part of my job, can take days even weeks. When identifying sea glass shards I get all my sea glass friends and antique experts involved.

I just posted it to the troops last night, so I’ll let you know what we discover in the process.

Storms, stories, treasure, history, science, beauty, mystery, allure…I love my job. Ya…that’s right!

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Deborah Leon

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