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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sea Glass Drilling..Button or Sponge

So It may not be clear to every one why you would use a bowl with water for drilling Sea Glass…When I first heard of this, I was completely skeptical. Won’t I get an electric shock? Then I reflected to the days of home remodeling and my husband cutting tile in water. I reasoned…..I guess I’ll be okay.

The water reduces the heat from the friction of the drill bit and piece of Sea Glass. Keeping it cool is a must!

Wood Button Vs. Sponge.

These two tools are set in the water with the Sea Glass atop. This helps to reduce the impact of vibrations by absorbing much of it.

First I’ll start with the wood button when beginning the hole in the Sea Glass. It’s a firmer, more stable surface for starting the hole.

Then I’ll switch to the sponge to finish the job….it’s softer and absorbs more than the wood button.

Some pieces of Sea Glass shatter easier than others depending on the color of Sea Glass. I find the light blues are extremely sensitive to vibration and can shatter easily. This is such a bummer….the light blues are definitely in the rare category, hard to find and after getting almost to the end and holding your breath for it seems like an eternity just for it to shatter…..well….it doesn’t make for a happy artist. :(

Stay tuned as next I’ll talk about the Dremel. I love my Dremel!

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Deborah Leon artist/collector



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