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Friday, March 12, 2010

Sea Glass Hunting & Making Friends

One of the best parts of looking for Sea Glass are the people I meet along the way. This Monday was no exception. After a few times you begin to recognize the other collectors, exchange names and compare finds.

Bruce appears to be a regular, a Manhattan Beach resident who walks the beach because it’s therapeutic for his back, and it turns out he and his wife are nutty for Sea Glass.

Tim Harris hit the jackpot finding a decent sized piece of cobalt blue Sea Glass.
Running into each other Tim just couldn’t contain his excitement and had to do a little show and tell about his cobalt blue find. His excitement infected me to being totally thrilled for him. Sooo…he agreed to a mini photo shoot. Sweet! Happy Hunting Tim, here’s to finding a Ruby of the Sea the next time. :)

Continuing my journey and picking up trash that has been tossed ashore by this years storms, I run into Moms playing with their kids, I offer trash bags and ask if they can do a little cleaning while playing. They are very obliging. (I always carry extra trash bags to hand out )

My last unexpected meet on this expedition was a delightful, sweet woman by the name of Robin. We talked about our finds, etc. and upon learning that I do this for my business she insisted that I take her finds and she hung out for a while to help me look for more Sea Glass. Robin…thank you…so generous and gracious. Enjoy the rest of Spring Break with your daughter and family.

Hunting for Sea Glass is so much more than just the find to make jewelry. It is the Sum and Total of the whole experience, delightful people, salty air, song of sea birds, the ebb and flow of the tide, wet feet, sun upon my face, cleaning my favorite place, and for a moment in time…being in communion with the creator of all creation.

Fair Winds and Calm Seas,

Deborah Leon artist/collector



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  1. You're so lucky, i remember when i collected it on holiday in scotland, there were so many helpful people on hand, they just kept giving me handfuls of it. A walk along the beach is so relaxing.